PAT The Dog Visits

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a local community charity that works with a variety of nursing homes, hospitals, schools and a selection of other venues.

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They are a charity that specialises in raising the spirit, mood and sense of companionship through the use specially trained PAT dogs and cats. PAT have a multitude of well-trained dogs that have had to pass a series of examinations to test for their overall behaviour, temperament, suitability and health. PAT pets have to be well-trained in order to avoid any incidents with the people they are there to help. PAT runs regular visits to care homes taking their companionable friends along with them. This allows the residents a chance to cuddle, talk to, stroke and play with the animals.

Casicare have the advantage of benefiting from the PAT program as they make regular visits to our Asquith Hall Specialist Nursing Home. Their canine companions always create a vibrant and lively atmosphere among the residents of the home. PAT visits the home several times a year on a rolling programme. They always bring the same animals in order to help the Asquith Hall residents build up a personal relationship and friendship with the dogs that they regularly see. Building a full relationship with the PAT dogs helps to instil a stronger sense of compassion within the guests.
Having a regular companion visit the home has helped a lot of the guests in a variety of different ways. The PAT dogs have helped to promote interaction between residents, instilled a sense of compassion, helped with building true friendships and also allows for a time where fun and friendship is the main focus of the residents. During the visits, the PAT dogs are taken around each of the guests and remain well behaved while they get plenty of strokes and cuddles. It has proven to be a very effective form of therapy for many.
Using pets as a form of therapy is a relatively new, yet innovative method of care. It provides a means of therapeutic activity time that allows residents to display emotions that wouldn’t surface otherwise. Animals such as dogs have an uncanny ability to bring out feelings of happiness, pleasure and well-being within people, particularly with people suffering from mental conditions such as dementia. Helping the residents feel better about themselves through interaction and compassion can massively improve their mood and general mental condition as they are usually more content with other aspects of their life.

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Casicare work extremely hard to provide a range of activities and therapies for their residents to engage in. This is because they are firm believers in promoting independence and a healthy lifestyle. When we grow older, our cognitive abilities naturally deteriorate. This is increased with people suffering from mental health conditions and dementia. Asquith Hall focuses on all residents living to their optimum and enjoying their life and all their experiences.